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Northwest IT Company has over 20+ years of Business IT Support and Business IT Solutions experience. We are a full service technology company. You get more bang for your dollar here as well.

What is Included in Managed IT Services

Northwest IT Company, a full service technology company providing comprehensive, quality IT services in Oregon, Washington and Idaho


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Operating your in-house IT support service and staff can be expensive, especially for small business owners. It can lead to downtime and unexpected expenses. A Managed IT service provider can lessen workloads and lighten the budget burden with a better, fixed-cost approach.

Our team at Northwest IT Company can be very helpful to your business in improving your operations and reducing your costs. By managing your IT department for you, we can offload your overall management and support functions from an in-house department to a more equipped and professional superintendence.

What's the meaning of Managed IT Service?

Managed IT service is support offered by an IT service provider to deliver IT-related services to a firm for a monthly fee. It's proactive monitoring, management, and maintenance support to keep IT systems running at highest performance.

This support includes business access to advanced technology and revolutionary solutions that maximize productivity and increase profits.

What Is Included In Managed IT Services?

A managed IT service is designed to remove the hassles of the IT teams and help increase company productivity. What else is included in managed IT services? Read on to find out:

Proactive support

Managed IT service providers offer proactive, strategic troubleshooting support that includes knowing when systems are due for a replacement, to prevent unnecessary downtime.

Proactive support also includes identifying network weaknesses and vulnerabilities which are checked for regularly. This helps to detect issues and prevent future disasters.

Helpdesk support

The world of technology never stops and never ceases to improve and forge ahead. Part of managed IT services includes access to Helpdesk Support. Northwest IT company provides 24/7 virtual and/or in-person helpdesk support to your staff. By using remote connections, Northwest IT engineers can stay on top of our clients’ needs and resolve issues very quickly.

Maintenance and monitoring service

A good Managed IT service company has equipment and tools to monitor clients’ computers, software, hardware, and cloud solutions as they ensure continuous uptime. Maintenance is typically scheduled in advanced. Even in a case of emergency maintenance, business owners and managers are informed immediately and are expecting maintenance to take place at a specified time.

Managed IT service providers also create new user accounts as well as delete old or recently fired employee accounts. Part of monitoring and maintaining a company’s network is keeping track of important information and passwords as well as permission changes.

Data backup and disaster recovery

In case of a disaster, such as a fatal system crash or premise damage, a reputable Managed IT Service Provider will step in and be able to recover your important files.

Northwest IT Company has powerful tools to keep clients’ data safe and secure. We understand that disaster happens, and happens unexpectedly. We, first and foremost, work hard on disaster prevention; but in case something goes wrong, you can be certain that your systems and updates will be operational, backed up quickly, and up and running smoothly again.

Security and compliance service

Professional Managed IT Service Providers use special tools to make sure your business is compliant with technological regulations as well as secured from dangerous activities and attacks. Some examples of cyber-attacks include data theft, hacking, and even ransomware. It is our job as MSP’s to oversee and quickly identify virtual threats and take quick action to protect our clients’ data.

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